Friday, August 27, 2010

growing up has its up sides

(two postings in one day?! try not to fall out of your chair)

a long, long time ago roughly 15 years. i received the best gift an eight year old could ask for. my very own television with a built in VCR player. i loved this little TV and i would stay up all night watching Disney classics. i have watched this little 12" television every morning getting ready for more than half of my life. but times are changing and comcast decided that my little television was not good enough to receive their fancy pants digital signal, so i had to break down and buy a big girl TV. its 32" and it even has a remote (something my old TV has been missing for years now) so i guess what it comes down to is...somethings about being a grown up really, really, REALLY sucks....and other things aren't so bad. kinda makes it worth going to a miserable job everyday...almost :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

green thumb....

for those of you who have been following my blog for sometime now, maybe you remember the sad excuse of the tomatoes we grew last year. you know the ONE that was the same size as a penny....even though our first go round was far from a success that did not discourage us from trying again. this year we planted tomatoes, peppers,pumpkins, squash, cucumber, jalapenos....good stuff like that. after waiting months and months to see the fruits of our labor grow big enough to eat, it finally came to be. Thursday night we picked these three beauty's! can you believe three big beautiful peppers ready to be made into something delicious like stuffed peppers.....

i then realized i wasn't going to be making anything fancy with these "giant" home grown beauty' i chopped them up and put them in salsa.

(ping pong ball, pepper#uno, pepe#2, pepe rojo, & pirate action figure)

oh well at least they are pretty and they were mighty tasty.we will try again next year.

there is a seriously GIANT pumpkin plant taking over the back yard so hopefully we will end up with big (alright decent) sized pumpkins to carve this fall!