Monday, June 22, 2009

happy birthday ruby girl

ruby turned one year old this weekend! c. & i love ruby very very much. she is such a good dog and so smart, and has the most fun personality! i can not believe how big she has gotten and quickly time has flown by!!the first week we had her when she was just a puppy- sleepin on her back.

she still sleeps on her back...even though she doesnt really fit in this chair anymore...but she does not mind

ruby is OBSESSED with playing fetch! it is her most favorite thing ever!!she loves her ball, but she will go get anything that is thrown for her like sticks,branches,rocks, toys,pine cones, etc.she will play fetch for days and days and never get tired!!her second favorite activity is destroying her toys. if she is given a new toy she likes to chew it up into a million little pieces all over the floor as quickly as possible.she really likes riding in the car with us also. especially on long road trips.

we love our little ruby dog!! we are so lucky to have gotten such a great dog!

Friday, June 19, 2009

guapo que lucha

lo siento,

yo no hablo español (other than the little bit i picked up while working at restaurants-but those things are not appropriate for a family friendly blog like this)-so.... there is a little thing called i am practically fluent now ;)

little brother went to mexico for his senior trip. he returned with these awesome mexican wrestling masks. "little brother is....gato pequeño" "ok, ok..... little brother is gato put me down!""introducing....señor jefe grande"...mmm músculos.....delicioso....desmayo.....caliente...mina.

dorks en el amor.

fin de semana feliz

(i deeply apologize to those readers who speak are probably ripping your hair out after reading this- maybe i should have paid closer attention in those two years of spanish i took in school lo siento amigos:)

Friday, June 12, 2009

saving the world a pint at a time

i like to go give blood as much as possible. it feels like my little way of giving back to the world. yesterday i went and donated and they gave me my "ONE GALLON DONOR" pin.
i felt pretty cool. (if you look closely in my right hand you will notice my awesome new pin)

so if you feel like you need a little extra good karma or maybe just want to save a babies life, call the american red cross and go donate. maybe one day you can have your very own gallon donor pin too!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

agustus gloop

this is my little sister.

her & her friends are pretty cool.

they watch the special features on charlie and the chocolate factory to learn to oompa loompa dances.

she tries to teach me....

i look kinda silly....okay i look ridiculous...

but it is pretty funny, especially towards the end when i start making up my own moves :)

and yes- we have twinner shirts on-she made them-

no we did not plan it, but we look pretty awesome.

enjoy. have a laugh on me :)

have a wonderful weekend ya'll

he grew up so fast

this year my awesome little brother graduated from brighton high school. i think that means i am getting old. here are a few things that are super radical about my little bro.
1. he can make anybody laugh, no matter how cranky or unhappy they may be.
2. he wears leather pants to senior dinner dance and totally rocks them
3. he was involved in everything at brighton! he never missed a dance, or a game, or any other activity.
4. he is nice to everyone!!
5. he will still play power rangers with me on the trampoline
6. he plays lacrosse- and i love lacrosse. here is a pic of the alumni game-c. is in the U of U gear behind scottie.
7. he has a very strong testimony and has worked towards his goal of going on a mission- he will be turning in his papers really soon!
8. he just graduated from high school and is already done with his associates degree!!
9. he cleans up very nicely!!!10. he is the best brother that any sisters could have asked for! our lives would have been pretty boring if we had not had scottie around! look at all those tassels and things he got to wear at graduation!! i was lucky to get the one on my hat!! :)
we missed sami-she went to lagoon parents & scottieuncle jason & jen
g-ma & g-pa draper
and of course what holiday would be complete without baking something?!?! as my gift to scott i made some awesome cup cake caps!! blue and orange and delicious! i got this adorable idea from the amazing bakerella. these were pretty easy and so cute!!

thanks to deni for doing the arranging for me! we're a good team!

because i am a girl of my word...

school got out...i still havent checked my grades...i am to nervous....but i will....later....

for memorial day i decided to do a little baking. i found this delicious recipe on the always creative and entertaining pioneer woman site (if you havent already read the adorable love story of her and the marlboro man, black heels to tractor wheels, you should go and do so immediately) well, my first attempt was what us pros call a bust. there was cake over flowing everywhere and burning to the bottom of the oven. it was a DISASTER!! but after i tasted the cake and found it was delicious i had to get back on the horse and try again.

and this was the little beauty that came out of it!! this cake was so delicious!! i would recommend this cake to anyone! i put the link up at the top to get the exact recipe but the only thing i would change would be to bake it in two 8" rounds instead of one and trying to cut it in half. and i have to thank my g-ma for gifting me this beautiful 40s milky glass cake plate.i love it!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009