Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summer nights

as i get older i have learned to really appreciate my weekends- and i do my very best to fill them full of good people and good times- last week mady & marshall invited us up to her sister annies house to bbq and have a camp fire. we had such a great time- it was a fun kick off to summer!ruby decided to help annie with the yard work and pull this big stick off the tree for her:) thanks rubyi love c.above:madison & me

below: madison and marshall - marshall cooked all the 'bobs' and did such a good job-that was some good grubbin!

last weekend we went bowling. i dont know if i have ever mentioned this, but c. can be very competitive and can be a bit of a sore loser- it is a very very VERY rare occasion that i beat him at his own games- but this weekend the stars aligned and it happened

i beat c. bowling!!

i am a very poor winner and enjoy basking in my glorious victory with a series of jumping up and down pointing, and sticking my tongue out at the person i have just defeated....i know i know i am a poor sport....i am alright with that.
c. was not very happy at all-but he took it like a champ and like any good boyfriend he was happy that my bowling skills are improving.

it was a very intense game for marshall and mady- they were neck'n'neck the whole time- it came down to marshalls last shot-he had to pick up the strike to secure his victory....and he missed....Madison gets the Win!

Girls Rule!! Boys Drool!

Friday, May 15, 2009

a bit bummed

once upon a time when i was a much younger girl, i would travel around with a wonderful group of kids and we would sing and dance and i would have solos that i would sing at the top of my lungs! that is were i was happy. on the stage sharing my talent with the world.
then something changed i dont know if it is because i have older and a little bit more afraid to fail or maybe because i have not been on the stage for so long i must have forgotten how.
apparently- over ten years ago i promised my little bro that if when he went on a mission i would sing at his fair well- and he has NEVER forgotten this promise. in august my little scottie will be leaving....and intend to make good on that promise.
i have been taking voice lessons every week for a few months now trying to get back to the caliber that i once was- and decided to participate in the recital this weekend- i have not been so nervous about anything in a long time-but i was very excited....
i think mother nature has different plans for me.....
i am soooooo bloody sick it is ridiculous! i have a nice allergy-cold combination going on.
i have taken every antihistamine, decongestant, nasal rinse, juice, cough syrup, tea,mucinex, EVERYTHING that i can possibly get my hands on to try to feel better for saturday. i can not even practice my song because of this stupid cough!
so if you have any suggestions as to how i can be at a 100% before tomorrow i am begging for any help i can get.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

(not in the mood to think of a clever title)

well happy tuesday to the 4 people who read my blog :) just kiddin. my allergies are making my head want to explode and the sound of the keys is only making it worse... but i really wanted to post some pics of our fun weekend. on saturday c. & i joined my family to support my older sister GRAND SLAM BRAKEFAST (aka deni) and her team the bomber babes in their bout against the sisters of no mercy.
i had never been to a derby girl event and didnt really know what to expect, but it seriously turned out to be very fun!! if you are ever lookin for something to do on a saturday night- check em out. by the end we were all in to it!! cheering and screaming. it was pretty awesome.the sister of no mercy having a little prayer before the game- this cardinal was pulling the alter boy around on a leash & drinking a beer- it was pretty hilarious i am not going to lie- the bomber babes defense line- ok i dont know what the technical term for it, but these are the girls that bring the pain. action shots...ha ha ok photography is not my strongest talent please forgive me :)nicks (deni's husband) family was very supportive and came to cheer her on!
me and my sissy- i was trying to be strong like her- i was not successful...she brought the pain! i was very proud of her.

after the adventure that was the roller derby- c. & i went to a mustache party-and because i was lacking in the facial hair department we went to walmart (yes walmart- i am not ashamed:) and got some felt and double stick tape- and TA DA we have mustaches-the party was a going away party for a really good friend of c.- paul ryan - these two were practically born into the same diaper-their dads were really good friends and played in bands together.

and i'm spent.

Friday, May 8, 2009

albion knights...

last night my wonderfully talented younger sister sami had her albion advanced dance concert. she did such an amazing job! she is so graceful and beautiful. i kind of get a little emotional watching her dance and become such an amazing young woman because i remember the first time she rolled over, and her first steps. i am so incredibly proud of her and how hard she works.

being at albion is pretty nostalgic and sentimental to me, especially when c. is there with me. albion middle school is where the love story of c. & e began roughly 10 years ago. oh how simple life was back then.we reminisced of friends and drama-how the littlest heart ache felt like the end of the world. we look back now and laugh of all the silly things that seemed so huge back then. in 8th grade on valentines day this is where we had our first kiss. i will never forget that day... i still get butterflies when i think about it...

c. was on the championship team when we were in 9th grade. he is so talented.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

kick off to summer

1# thank you everyone for your very nice and encouraging words about my final. it has been taken- and i felt pretty good about it. i will just have to wait and see....

2# Let the Summer begin!! c. & i love to do fun, new adventures. so last night we had an impromptu party. Well it was not much of a party considering it was c,me, ruby, and Marc (c. cousin) but it was a great time none the less!

with a big metal goat feed bucket, an oven rack, a vintage vinyl umbrella(with shag), and some hot dogs the
First Annual Red Neck Kick Off to Summer
party was born. With true red neck style, we used all of the junk mail in the house to keep the fire going and boy did it burn!!

c. showing off his mountain man skills building us an awesome fire.
our delish cheese filled dogs cooking on the oven rack- i don't think i have ever eaten such an amazing dog in my whole life!!ruby was very upset that we were burning all of her sticks-she was trying to protect them here :)and for her being a good sport and sacrificing her favorite toys (aka sticks) we made her a hot dog and for dessert she got a marshmallow... which she got all over her face.

so next year we hope to plan it a little better and hopefully more of our wonderful friends out there will join this fun new tradition.
the only catch to coming to the party is you have to bring your own junk mail to burn :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

its the final count down...

my math final is one hour away.
i am feeling pretty prepared.
this is the hardest i have ever studied in my whole life!!
i have gone to the library every single day for at least two hours for the past week.
i am so nervous! i think i am going to be sick!!
wish me luck.