Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Grandpa

(me & my gpa 1987)
i want to wish my awesome grandpa draper a very, very happy birthday.
i love you and i hope you have a very wonderful birthday day!!!

(me & gpa i dont know what year this is but i was really into troll dolls aparently notice the troll slippers and troll doll- oh how i miss the 90s)


this picture is for my little sissy sami (since she just made accadians at BHS!!) to prove that once upon a time in my life (like in 1989) i could pull off a unitard too-- gotta love the bowl cut, leg warmers, & salt water sandal tan lines on my feet.
Congrats Sami Sue!!! I am so proud of you!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Cookies

monday night c & i made lots and lots and lot of delicious green sugar cookies to celebrate st. patricks day and share with friends!!
my sugar cookies are the best sugar cookies ever made- i would put them head to head against anyone recipe and i know mine would win by a land slide-i welcome the challenge :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

this is more like it.

i really couldn't justify turning in my assignment with those half ass cupcake pops. so my sister deni and i went back into the kitchen for round two with the intention of making something more worthy to blog about. so i decided that i would try a different route and take the cupcakes off the stick. look how adorable these are! they are pretty simple to make.

bake a boxed cake. and let it cool completely. crumble the cake up then mix in 1 can of cream cheese frosting. then roll into balls and put in the freezer.

you will need some candy cup molds- you can find these at roberts or GiGis for cheap- melt some chocolate bark and spoon some into the bottom of each cup. get the balls out of the freezer and put one in each cup. slowly pushing the ball so the chocolate moves up around the sides, stop when the chocolate gets to the top edge of the mold.

now put those in the freezer- and melt a different color chocolate melts (these can also be found at roberts or michaels or GiGi's) carefully remove each of the balls from the molds. hold em by the bottom and dip the tops into the second color.let the excess chocolate drip off back into the bowl. cute cute. while the chocolate is still soft add a red hot or m7m to look like a cherry, and a few sprinkles. and there you have it!! adorable as can be. i took these little guys to share with my english class today when i handed in my paper, and they were a huge hit!!
i am so pleased with the way these turned out!
hopefully this makes up for the crazy googly eye pop incident :) these cupcake bites are from the always incredibly talented Bakerella. So if you decide to make these and have any more questions check out her blog.
thanks to my sissy deni for taking all of the pictures- you are the best!

Monday, March 1, 2010

bakerella would be ashamed.

its pretty safe to say that Sunday evening i was far from feeling motivated.
i have a fairly large stack of school projects that are lingering over my head that need to be finished in the next few days, but i can't seem to get going on any of them.
one of these projects is suppose to be an instructional paper about something i am pretty knowledgeable about....and the simplest thing that came to mind was baking.

Well two weeks ago when i was assigned this project i was so pumped to show off some of my awesome cup cake pop skills. i had planned on doing the ones that look like cupcakes, and had all of the stuff picked up to accomplish my goal. But when it came down to actually getting them done....i was over it before i began.
Luckily my older sister came home just in time talk me off a cliff and get me motivated. So instead of bagging the whole plan (like i wanted to do)we made these little monsters. Yes, i realize that this is not my best work. and yes, i realize that they are a little creepy, but i can't help but to kind of have a soft spot for these little guys. look how cute they are with their crazy hair and googly eyes.