Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Now i consider myself to be a pretty tolerant person of other peoples choices, especially when it comes to religion and sexuality. I believe that both are very personal and individual choices. I will respect and tolerate your choice if you will please have the same respect and tolerance for mine. In my opinion this is ESPECIALLY true when in the work place. PLEASE Don't try to preach religion, or openly criticize my presidential candidate-because she is a "crazy democratic female". I don't care if you are the Boss i don't want to hear your opinion on how "Gay relationships are wrong and disgusting. And one day those people will have to answer for that..." It is so frustrating because i have to sit back and just listen because if i were to voice my opinion about how offended those discussions made me not only would i be looked at like the democratic-devil-receptionost, i am sure there would be some sort of retaliation and i would probably be looking for a new job. the concept is simple keep your political and religious opinions out of the work place.Period.The End.

okay...deep breath erin.....:)

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ashley said...

Hi Erin, it's ashley gibbs. I found you through Kylie. Anyway... Don't you just love it!? I know exactly how you feel sitting up there and not being able to say a word. It sucks!