Friday, December 19, 2008


Today is my wonderful boyfriends 22 birthday!! Chris and i met in 7th grade and it was love at first sight-for him :) we "went out" for a few months and then broke up, then we "went out" again in 8th grade. I have never understood that term because we never actually went anywhere together, but that is not the point. Well, 8th grade Valentines Day, was the highlight of my middle school years. Chris came to school with a dozen red roses(which i still have) and a pink teddy bear(which i have slept with every night since) for me. It was the first time a boy had ever gotten me flowers and i was so excited i carried them around all day! After school there was a Valentines dance that was pretty lame-until... Chris asked me to dance. We danced to Savage Garden and stared at eachother. All of our friends were watching to see what was going to happen. it seemed pretty dramatic at the time! The last chorus of the song came on and that is when it happened. He leaned in and kissed me!! My first kiss!! it was like in Romeo and Juliet when they kiss in the elevator and the whole room starts to spin around them, yeah that is what it was like!! I still get butterflies when i think about that day. Well make a long story short we went our seperate ways but i would always think about him. And senior year on my birthday he called to wish me a Happy Day, we started talking and have had a hard time being apart since. It has now been over four years since he called me and i look forward to many many more with him.This is our first picture together. Please dont laugh at the chubby face and over plucked eye brows-thank you.

Chris i love you so much. You have been through so much and stayed so strong. I am so proud of you and everything you are working to achieve. Happy Birthday Baby!

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