Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"shred the sicky gnar"

yesterday i scooted out of work early to go out and play(sorry kylie). If any of you know Chris, you know that he is an avid snow enthusiast and loves to 'shred the sicky gnar' (i think it means: snowboard in fresh powder )So though it was a slight insult to his "gnar shredding" skills i made him go sledding with me at rail gardens -which happens to be a place other "gnar" shredders go to set up "kickers"(ramps?) and other fun things of that nature to do tricks on-well Chris became envious of them and decided that he would not let the fact that we were sledding hold him back from sliding on rails and taking jumps. This is what happens when you ride a sled down a hand rail

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Lucashell said...

That was awesome!!!!!