Friday, October 9, 2009

its spooky time!

it is October my favorite month of the year! lots of pumpkin carving, make spooky treats, wearing fun costumes, and it is my birthday month!! the decorations are awesome there is a crisp cool feel in the air. i cant get enough!
C. and i decided to plant a little garden this year. we had tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins. unfortunately by the first frost this is all we had to show for our trouble. i guess we don't really have the touch yet ....
maybe next year we will do better :)

we are only a week into october and we have wasted no time partaking in the haunted halloween activities!
c. takes pumpkin carving and easter egg dying very seriously. i love that about him.
Madison carving her master "peace" ha ha that was a funny joke you will get it soon......get it now? master "peace" this is madison's peace sign made of bones.
ruby girl even got her own pumpkin- this was before she though it would be fun to chew it up...madison and me. i love her.all of the beautiful pumpkins together. pretty awesome if you ask me.
all of these designs came out of a book called "diggin the decades" so all of the designs are nostalgic things turned haunted. Like Evil PacMan. Carved by drewdrew (c. little bro)
Punk-Ula done by C. - his was the coolest out of all of them it has shadows and shading and all this other fancy pants stuff. he did an awesome job like always!
last but not least is my little pumpkin. if you can not tell she is a marilyn monroe witch. i think she is adorable.

What would a blog post be without something about baking?! madison's older sister is having a birthday this weekend and i was assigned the task of cupcakes. it is going to be a Costume/Halloween party and i wanted to do something fun.

So i decided put a spin on the typical tie-dye cupcake idea- and turn it colors that most people don't really consider incredibly appetizing- a spooky combination of yellow, purple, orange and green matched the adorable Halloween cupcake cups.add some neon green frosting, black sprinkles and a spider! and TU-DUH!! spooky cupcakes.


Lucashell said...

I was so busy this weekend, I didn't get to check blogs. Lucas said told me to check your blog to see all the cool stuff. He was right, only you Erin you are so creative.

Lisa Best said...

Awesome cupcakes, AWESOME pumkins! Some talent, man!

And cause you asked... Yes, South Beach does work. It's way constricting, you cant eat ANYTHING. But the last time I did it I dropped like 8 pounds in 9 days, and eleven in 2 weeks. And my boby felt good, healthy. I'd recommend it.

Lisa Best said...

Ha ha. My BODY felt good...Not my boby :)

Lisa Best said...

You are TOO cute! I was totally thinking about you and the cookie exchanging the other day! YOU made the yummiest sugar cookies eva! I hope you have an AMAZING birthday too girly! Bake some cookies for me, and I will do the same!!! :) xo