Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year!
we kicked off the year with the annual torching of the christmas tree at my parents house.this has been a tradition for longer then i have been alive. it is such a great time surrounded by great friends, family, and AMAZING food! (kaboom!!seriously the greatest tradition ever) (kicking my year off with a smooch from my love)
here is to a great new year full of love, life, and prosperity.

"live without regrets."


amy said...

Blowing up the chirstmas tree, what a fun idea! Living with out regrets, that is exactly what I have learned from this past year too. I wish we could have seen you guys when we visited. I wish the circumstances were different. We still talk and laugh and think of you two often.

Lisa Best said...

I'm with you and Amy... Living without regrets has been my motto throughout the craziest few years of my life!

Love the torching tradition!

Happy new year!