Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Sami dear...

(sami dancing in a competition in colorado 1/10)
i want to wish a happy happy birthday to my littlest sissy sami. the baby of the family turns 16 years old today. i can hardly believe it. i remember the day that she graced the world with her presence.

Samantha Jane you are a blessing in the lives of everyone who has the privilege of knowing you. You are a kind, caring, dedicated, driven, talented,beautiful and passionate young woman. When you start a new adventure you always give it everything you've got and giving up has never been an option for you. Your future is so bright with endless possibilities! You inspire me to be a better person and to never give up on anything!

Know that you are incredibly loved by many and i hope that you have the happiest birthday you can possibly imagine!
with lots of love, your big sissy erin

p.s. please forgive my lack of blogging all 3 of you who frequent my blog, but i have been terribly busy with work and school. a quick update though i got a promotion at work and that is pretty awesome. and just in case i have not mentioned it in a while i am head over heels in love with my c.-----promise to do better soon :)

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Lisa Best said...

Hi beautiful. Send me your address and i'll mail if you want me to mail you a marriage announcement. I know you are dying to have a picture of me and my man on your fridge!