Thursday, June 3, 2010

dear blog.

dear blog,

it's me, erin.

you remember me right?

you are named after me. words cannot describe how apologetic i am for being such a negligent blogger as of late. it is not that i have been locked away in a dark room with no fun adventures to post on you, it's that i am so far behind i am not sure where to start. do i start with the new pink bike with a basket? or maybe about our little pumpkin patch, but then there was the Angels & Airwaves concert, or maybe BBQing in the rain or maybe one of the 15 bbqs we have had with friends already?

no matter where i decide to pick up writing about my silly life, i can promise you this, my dearest blog, i will not leave you alone for 2 whole months again.

love, e

this is a picture of ruby. this has nothing to do with the post, i just think she is the best dog ever and pretty darn adorable.