Friday, November 5, 2010

s/he's so prit-tee

a few months ago c. & i watched a movie called "Connie & Carla" - never heard of it? well its about girls, pretending to be boys, pretending to be girls. got that? well since then c. has been set on being a drag queen for Halloween. though i tried and tried to convince him to be a cute couples costume with me, he is stubborn and could not be persuaded to change his mind.

c. has done many (MANY) stupid things in his life, but surprisingly he had never shaved his legs or pits in all of his life, so getting ready was a bit of an adventure for him.
( on a very serious note: how amazing are his calves in heels?! i am jealous! he got hit on more then once that night cause of the legs)
After roughly two years of rocking the beard he was so determined to be as authentic as possible he shaved it. when he doesn't have full drag make-up on he looks like he did in 9th grade. He even let me put a little arch in his brow.
i did his make-up for him. i have never done drag make-up, but i think it turned out well. he looked "so prit-tee" - which is a bit uncomfortable saying about my boyfriend.this is the only picture that i ended up with of my costume on my camera. since c. refused to do couples costumes i was a witch. i made a tutu and a hat. cute but boring. c. looked so legit! he won the costume contest, beating out a guy that does drag on weekly basis at the "trap". we were holding hands & kissin a little and i over heard someone say " oh look at those lesbians kissing" seriously?!!?! funniest thing i have ever heard in my life! i really almost fell over i was laughing so hard.

this is c. & his momma L.L. - Its funny how much he and his mom look a like when c. has full make-up on.


The Hansen's said...

Oh My!! I am not entirely sure what to say. But C. you make a very pretty woman. I can totally believe you won the costume contest. And Miss E. you are looking as fantastic as ever! I love you cute girl, and Happy Super late birthday from your flake of a friend. I love you!

Lucashell said...

Love it.. we so miss u...

Sami Sue said...

winner winner chicken dinner.

Mandy said...

I found your blog :) Let me just say ya'lls Halloween party was SOMETHIN' else, Braden and I couldn't get over it. And yes, Chris's calves do look pretty awesome in those Typical--guys always naturally have what girls work for....and they can eat like pigs and never gain a pound! It was nice to meet you, and you looked great in your costume, too!