Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It Happens To Be My Favorite Time Of Year!

So Chris and i LOVE FALL!! It is the best time of year!! Our Favorite Part is HALLOWEEN!!

Last week we got some friend together to carve 'punkins'. We went to the store and couldnt decide which pumpkins we wanted so we ended up buying 100 pounds worth of pumpkins!! Which lets be realistic is a little over board, but it made for a very fun evening!
This is Chris focusing very hard on his pirate pumpkin. When it comes to pumpkin carving and/or easter egg dying he takes it very very seriously! he is kinda silly like that.
This is the final product after all of his hard work. He was not completely satisfied with the way it turned out so he has already planned more carving for this weekend...
Andrew carved a double sided pumpkin with a butcher knife. His carving skills were quite impressive. Amy was here to but some how out off all of my pictures i didnt get one of her! Lame! Sorry Amy!!The fat monster face is mine next to chris' pirate. Sorry these pics arent more focused. Alex got frustrated with the carving pattern and decided to play with Ruby instead.

the left over pumpkins that we are going to carve this weekend.


Lucashell said...

Wow can they carve one for my front door?

ashley said...

I haven't carved pumpkins forever, Chris did a way good job. Super cool!