Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random thoughts and birthday surprises

New discovery of the day= Though "blog stalking" may be one of my favorite things to do while i am bored at work, it kinda depresses me and bums me out. All these people i knew from high school married with kids and houses and scrapbooks and such, wow i feel old :)

it was my birthday on saturday, the big double dos (that is 22 for all of you non spanish speaking folks) and i had an awesome day! My wonderful mom took me to get my manis and pedis! I always have such a great time with her!She is definately one of my favorite people to spend time with! After,Chris and i made one of my favorite lunches :) pancakes,sausage and eggs...yum...
Followed by Nap time!!!!

Then Chris, mady and i went to dinner. I could tell the whole time that those two were up to something...After dinner they told me we were going to one of our regular hang outs to do some karaoke---well we get there and a whole slew of our friends were there with a cake and balloons singing Happy Birthday as i made my grand enterance. It was such a great surprise and it was so nice of everyone to come!! It was an awesome Birthday!! Thank You Chris and Mady for being so amazing and planning such a fun day for me! I love you both so much!!

I Didnt end up with many pictures cause my memory card was full so here are a few :)
Madison and our good friend Patty
What would a surprise party be without those annoying horn things
Madison and Chris singing some Queen
Birthday Kiss and dance with my baby
Tory, Dakota, Alex thanks for coming! Thanks to everyone else who came that i didnt get pictures of.


Lucashell said...

oh my gosh you too make such a cute couple.... Those were some cute pics

Mac & Jesi said...

Hey! How are you? I know it has been forever. Whats new?

kOrTnI said...

Hey Erin!

It was so good to see you yesterday!!! I'm glad i found you, now we can "blog stalk" or "blog creep" if you will. :)