Wednesday, November 12, 2008


this Post is about our little ruby. She is growing so fast!! She has already grown out of her first collar and number two is getting snug!! She has learned to sit, stay, shake, and High Five (thanks to Chris' patients and persistence)
Last night i was teaching Ruby how to play fetch. She gets the point of going after the ball and bringing it back, but she does not want to give it to me. She thinks that if she went to all the work of going and retrieving the ball then i should have to play tug to get it back from her. I hope she gets the gist soon because those puppy teeth keep cutting up my hand trying to get the ball back!! We played fetch for about three hours and we both got a little tired of the game so Ruby gathered up all of her balls and slept with them to keep them safe.


The Hansen's said...

Erin! I knew you checked my blog but I didn't know YOU had a blog! You've been holdin' out on me. I am so excited! 1st, Christian is a cutie, go you, I'll need to meet him. 2nd, Ruby is also a cutie.
They better both be super sweet to you!

Lucashell said...

I want a dog....