Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spooky Runs in the Family

As you can tell from posts in the past month i love Halloween, but as you will see i come by it honestly. Every year my parents have a very haunted party and invite all the neighbors over. My parents are both very talented and creative people, they definitely know how to throw a party. It's always the talk of the neighborhood.

The top picture is the ghosts in the front yard, it is hard to tell in the pictures how cool they are, but trust me they were pretty awesome. The Second picture is the voodoo lamp over the buffet table. There was so much to see but deni only emailed me these two...oh well :)

My Dad as a Goth/Punk Vampire.My Mom ,TheBlackWidow.

they looked fierce!

My Mom,My Sister Deni as the White Rabbit, & me, Ferosh Robin.

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Lucashell said...

I love, Love, Love, Your Costum!