Thursday, June 11, 2009

he grew up so fast

this year my awesome little brother graduated from brighton high school. i think that means i am getting old. here are a few things that are super radical about my little bro.
1. he can make anybody laugh, no matter how cranky or unhappy they may be.
2. he wears leather pants to senior dinner dance and totally rocks them
3. he was involved in everything at brighton! he never missed a dance, or a game, or any other activity.
4. he is nice to everyone!!
5. he will still play power rangers with me on the trampoline
6. he plays lacrosse- and i love lacrosse. here is a pic of the alumni game-c. is in the U of U gear behind scottie.
7. he has a very strong testimony and has worked towards his goal of going on a mission- he will be turning in his papers really soon!
8. he just graduated from high school and is already done with his associates degree!!
9. he cleans up very nicely!!!10. he is the best brother that any sisters could have asked for! our lives would have been pretty boring if we had not had scottie around! look at all those tassels and things he got to wear at graduation!! i was lucky to get the one on my hat!! :)
we missed sami-she went to lagoon parents & scottieuncle jason & jen
g-ma & g-pa draper
and of course what holiday would be complete without baking something?!?! as my gift to scott i made some awesome cup cake caps!! blue and orange and delicious! i got this adorable idea from the amazing bakerella. these were pretty easy and so cute!!

thanks to deni for doing the arranging for me! we're a good team!


jessica said...

shut your face! you made those?!? you are WAY TOO talented in the kitchen. seriously.

and oh ya...go bengals!

Lisa Best said...

I love you! I want to be you, it's true. Such cute caps!

My lil' sis just graduated from Brighton too! Woot Woot!

The Hansen's said...

You continue to amaze me with your baking prowess! You are fantabulous. So adorable! I am so happy for Scottie, he is such an amazing guy and you're right there isn't any way you can not love him!

Bakerella said...

Great job on the caps. Love the color coordination.

Sam said...

So your cake pops...amazing! I can't even make them look half decent, and youre making caps!!! Is there a secret I don't know lol?