Monday, June 22, 2009

happy birthday ruby girl

ruby turned one year old this weekend! c. & i love ruby very very much. she is such a good dog and so smart, and has the most fun personality! i can not believe how big she has gotten and quickly time has flown by!!the first week we had her when she was just a puppy- sleepin on her back.

she still sleeps on her back...even though she doesnt really fit in this chair anymore...but she does not mind

ruby is OBSESSED with playing fetch! it is her most favorite thing ever!!she loves her ball, but she will go get anything that is thrown for her like sticks,branches,rocks, toys,pine cones, etc.she will play fetch for days and days and never get tired!!her second favorite activity is destroying her toys. if she is given a new toy she likes to chew it up into a million little pieces all over the floor as quickly as possible.she really likes riding in the car with us also. especially on long road trips.

we love our little ruby dog!! we are so lucky to have gotten such a great dog!


Lisa Best said...

AWE! Happy Birthday Ruby!!!

Lucashell said...

Wow I can't believe ruby is a year!

Chase said...

Erin Draper?! HOLY COW! How the heck are you? I had no idea you were in the blog world. I shall follow you- but not like a creeper.

Lisa Best said...

Where ARE YOU?! Blog!!!