Friday, November 13, 2009

because it is kinda becoming my "thing"

c. & i love to hang out and bake fun stuff together. We take advantage of every opportunity to make yummy and fun treats for our friends.

So today is Shellie's Birthday and we decided to make her some yummy girlie cupcakes!! we did an adorable pink,purple, & white combo that turned out so cute!

Happy Birthday Shellie!! Love ya girlie!!


Lucashell said...

you are so cute I am posting the pics on my blog about your cupcakes! They we so freaking yummy!

the hemingways said...

Hi Erin! I work with your dad and he turned me on to your blog. I have to say that I love it! You make such incredible cupcakes! I happen to love cupcakes. I have a little girl Lola who is turning one in a month and I was wondering if you could do some cupcakes for her party? If that would be a possibility you can call me at 801-413-4839 or email me at I would need 2 dozen or so. Let me know if you could and let me know what you would charge.
Thanks- Anne Marie Hemingway

Lisa Best said...

Yum! You are so creative! Love the girly tye dye!

Lisa Best said...

My lil' baking buddy made tye dye cupcakes last night!

Lisa Best said...

That was my lil' baking buddy AND I made tye dye cupcakes last night ;)