Friday, March 5, 2010

this is more like it.

i really couldn't justify turning in my assignment with those half ass cupcake pops. so my sister deni and i went back into the kitchen for round two with the intention of making something more worthy to blog about. so i decided that i would try a different route and take the cupcakes off the stick. look how adorable these are! they are pretty simple to make.

bake a boxed cake. and let it cool completely. crumble the cake up then mix in 1 can of cream cheese frosting. then roll into balls and put in the freezer.

you will need some candy cup molds- you can find these at roberts or GiGis for cheap- melt some chocolate bark and spoon some into the bottom of each cup. get the balls out of the freezer and put one in each cup. slowly pushing the ball so the chocolate moves up around the sides, stop when the chocolate gets to the top edge of the mold.

now put those in the freezer- and melt a different color chocolate melts (these can also be found at roberts or michaels or GiGi's) carefully remove each of the balls from the molds. hold em by the bottom and dip the tops into the second color.let the excess chocolate drip off back into the bowl. cute cute. while the chocolate is still soft add a red hot or m7m to look like a cherry, and a few sprinkles. and there you have it!! adorable as can be. i took these little guys to share with my english class today when i handed in my paper, and they were a huge hit!!
i am so pleased with the way these turned out!
hopefully this makes up for the crazy googly eye pop incident :) these cupcake bites are from the always incredibly talented Bakerella. So if you decide to make these and have any more questions check out her blog.
thanks to my sissy deni for taking all of the pictures- you are the best!


Lucashell said...

Freaking cute, I so want to try making some...

Michael Draper said...

I have the most incredibly talented daughter. These are super you Mom

amy said...

I love them! But I also liked your little monsters too. I miss you guys.

ClistyB said...

How bout making the Hello Kitty ones?!
I haven't gotten over my first attempt to
make these cakepops. They made me so mad, I had the wrong frosting/cake ratio.
Your English class must luuuv u.

ClistyB said...

Crap now Mikes talking about these. Now I gotta make them again. Quit this, will you?!