Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Cookies

monday night c & i made lots and lots and lot of delicious green sugar cookies to celebrate st. patricks day and share with friends!!
my sugar cookies are the best sugar cookies ever made- i would put them head to head against anyone recipe and i know mine would win by a land slide-i welcome the challenge :)


jessica said...

holy crap, do you want to drop like 60 of those off on my porch?

and can i have the recipe?!?

Lucashell said...

Oh my gosh - legz would go crazy for those cookies..

Spencer and Stephanie Randle said...

Ya sure your cookies are the best? The one thing I can bake are sugar cookies...but that sounds like a lot of work right now :)But those do look very good! We can have a bake off one of these days.

Lisa Best said...

I have had your sugar cookies, and therefore, MUST agree that they are the BEST!