Tuesday, February 24, 2009


baked round 1:
lately i have been in a baking sort of mood. i have this uncontrollable desire to create the most delicious high carb, high sugar, high fat comfort food you can ever imagine. So i recruited my partner in crime to sacrifice his whole evening off the making miniature soft pretzels with me. i am not even exaggerating it took ALL evening!! but it was totally worth it!kneading... pouching...heart shaped pretzel... cause we are adorable like thatpreparing for salt...salting.....as i have mentioned before c. is somewhat of a perfectionist (which i love about him) and insisted the salt be perfectly even....this is the finished product!! seriously they were so tasty ! i have probably eaten like 20 mini pretzels! this is us while slaving away in the kitchen-don't we look lovely-
i found the recipe here so if you are bored and have 5 hours to spare.

Baked round 2:
c. and i have been dating for a long time and after seeing each other everyday for a few years now, things can become some what routine. so in an effort to revamp our daily adventures we started cooking dinner with each other or baking something fun a few times a week (see above pretzel story)
so one day last week we made home made pizza.
hand rolled dough...pepperoni...canadian bacon....and olives.... pizza heaven!
this recipe also takes forever! but also worth it :)


Spencer and Stephanie Randle said...

Hey how about next time you invite your cuz over for some delicious snacks...share the wealth. Those pretzles look so dang good!

Lucashell said...

Excuse me where is my pretzel!!!!!!!!!! I told you I wanted one!