Monday, March 2, 2009

road trip...

well sort of a road trip.
on sunday c., ruby, and i went on a little adventure down to panguich to visit marc (c. cousin)
c. and i always have so much fun together!
we like to pretend that we are rock stars and sing our guts out! there were lovely renditions of Queens greatest hits, then some super awesome old school rap, followed by a Mest,blink 182,good charlotte mix.

other then the major downer of the party pooper uhp trooper who sighted c. for 10 over the speed limit we had a wonderful time!


Lucashell said...

He Beeoch where my Pretzel?

Lisa Best said...

Sounds like my kind of roadtrip :)

ashley said...

I have family in Panguitch lol that's funny.