Monday, March 30, 2009

mom & me

last week my mom had to go to washington dc for business and she let me tag along. It was so much fun just hanging out and going sight seeing with her.

The first day i got to go to her meetings with the representatives of utah. I got to meet matheson,hatch, & bennett and sit in on all of the meetings about health care in utah.

(it rained most of the time we were there so please disregard our beautiful hair)

the capitol buildingus with orrin hatchthis is a back side of nancy palocythe lincoln memorialwashington monumentthe white houseoscar & memy mom and i rockin the kanye shades.

on the last day we went to georgetown and shopped and shopped and shopped- then my mom (who is always down for any adventure that will result in a good story) decided we should go wait in line at the legendary GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE to try some of the delicious goods. this is the line that we waited in for over 30 min.

all the beautiful cupcakes

we decided to get a dozen and haul them home for the rest of our fam cause we are very nice like that.

we hauled them all the way back to our hotel with only minor damages(note the sliding white frosting) to partake in the spoils-and let me tell you they were worth ever minute and calorie! delish!!

it was so nice to be able to spend some quality time with just my mom and me! we are both so busy that its rare we just get to sit and laugh and enjoy each others company.

thanks again mom for letting me go with you!!


Lisa Best said...

Yum! I want one of those cupcakes... Are you nice enough to haul one to Seattle? :)

Looks like a fun vaca with your mom :)

The Hansen's said...

Good times! What a fun adventure with your cute mamma. That is one of my favorite trips that I got to go on with your mom, my mom and den. I'm sad we didn't drag you too. Those cupcakes look heavenly!

Spencer and Stephanie Randle said...

Looks like you two had a great time. I can only imagine what kind of stories you two have.