Monday, April 20, 2009

my dad.

On sunday my dad celebrated a big birthday! it was a very fun day of yummy bbq,a family adventure to the park, and yummy cake.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! You are such an amazing person! you have more talent in your little finger then most do in their whole body. Our family has been so blessed to have you as our strong quiet leader. thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifice for our family. i love you with all of my heart!!my dad and his new camera my parents . they love each other. &
c. was sleepy after playing at the park w/scottie.
because my dad needs nothing, buying him a gift is always a bit of a challenge. so this year i made him a gift from the heart :) i made this little beauty-Homemade chocolate cake w/chocolate sour cream frosting
i was really really nervous how this would taste because i have never made a homemade cake before - it think it turned out alright, well nobody died after eating it so i am going to take that as a good sign. everyone said it was good, but i think they were just being nice to me :)

P.S. on a totally separate note, i have not bit my nails in 7 days. this is a very big deal!!


Lucashell said...

YUMMY!!!!! That looks so good, I am so hungry now!

The Hansen's said...

I bet the cake was to die for, pretty much anything any of you touch is amazing! Oh, how I love your awesome dad! I hope you guys enjoyed his day and a belated Happy Easter as well.

Deni Page said...

You are so much more thoughtful than I am. You are so genuine and I LOVE YOU! PS. Your cake was great!!!