Thursday, April 16, 2009

rainbows in the kitchen

last night was so incredibly pleasant.

c. and i made R A I N B O W cupcakes!!

the most adorable happy cupcakes i have ever seen!

colors of the rainbow

this is what they look like on the inside. i did not get a picture of these aborable little things frosted because my little nikon was exhausted- but imagine cute fluffy white frosting to top them off!

this recipe is very simple!! and fun to make! the original recipe i saw was a two layer round cake with white frosting. it was so cute cause it looked kinda plain and blah until you cut into it and see the awesome rainbow inside.


TEISHA said...

you need to come bake all of these special things at my house! I am so lazy. Your awesome!

Lisa Best said...

Super cute... Yet AGAIN!:) I like that you two bake together so often, that's sweet:) cute pair.