Thursday, April 30, 2009

feeling mildly inspired

i have been working really hard to study for my math final this semester.
and really evaluating what i am doing in college.

i have been feeling kinda (okay EXTREMELY) overwhelmed. and maybe a little lost.

at work today while browsing some of my favorite blogs that always lift my spirit and make me smile (examples here & here) i found lists of simple, beautiful, little things that make every day great.

i was inspired to take a breath and remember what makes this journey called life even more beautiful.


E: "c. do you love me?"

C:"more than anything in the whole entire wide world."

E: "you promise, promise?"

C: "promise, promise" then he kisses me on the head.

and i smile,because i know he means it.

2# picnics in the park

3# new sexy high heels

4# the smell of fresh laundry

5# ice cold diet coke

6# chicken fingers & fries submerge in ranch & ketchup

7# sunday dinners with my family

8# salt lake valley sunsets (best in the world)

9# warm summer nights staring at the stars

10# kisses from my c.

oh the wonderful simple pleasures in life.


jessica said...

erin, this list is SO are obviously very much in love! i'm glad writing your 10 cheered you up a bit. writing mine did the same for me. i have been feeling the same way lately (overwhelmed) and it really does help to just appreciate the simple joys. you are darling & i LOVE your blog.


Lucashell said...

So cute, Erin you are a very inspiring person. Everyday I think you are so sweet sitting there with a smile on your face happy to just be!!!

Lisa Best said...

Awe! What a great post! You are amazing, my dear. I <3 you!

& 3 cheers for ice cold Diet Coke! I haven't had one in like 3 days...HEAD-ACHE!:)