Tuesday, May 5, 2009

its the final count down...

my math final is one hour away.
i am feeling pretty prepared.
this is the hardest i have ever studied in my whole life!!
i have gone to the library every single day for at least two hours for the past week.
i am so nervous! i think i am going to be sick!!
wish me luck.


natalie j. + richard a. said...

You'll do great! I hate math. I had my final last Thursday!! You will feel so amazing when it's over!! Good luck! :)

TEISHA said...

Good luck!!! your awesome!

Lisa Best said...

I'm too late to wish you luck, but I hope it went well lady! I'm sure you did great!!

the johansen's said...

Hey Erin, I just found your blog! You look so happy and so cute! I hope you are doing great! Good luck on your math final!