Thursday, May 7, 2009

kick off to summer

1# thank you everyone for your very nice and encouraging words about my final. it has been taken- and i felt pretty good about it. i will just have to wait and see....

2# Let the Summer begin!! c. & i love to do fun, new adventures. so last night we had an impromptu party. Well it was not much of a party considering it was c,me, ruby, and Marc (c. cousin) but it was a great time none the less!

with a big metal goat feed bucket, an oven rack, a vintage vinyl umbrella(with shag), and some hot dogs the
First Annual Red Neck Kick Off to Summer
party was born. With true red neck style, we used all of the junk mail in the house to keep the fire going and boy did it burn!!

c. showing off his mountain man skills building us an awesome fire.
our delish cheese filled dogs cooking on the oven rack- i don't think i have ever eaten such an amazing dog in my whole life!!ruby was very upset that we were burning all of her sticks-she was trying to protect them here :)and for her being a good sport and sacrificing her favorite toys (aka sticks) we made her a hot dog and for dessert she got a marshmallow... which she got all over her face.

so next year we hope to plan it a little better and hopefully more of our wonderful friends out there will join this fun new tradition.
the only catch to coming to the party is you have to bring your own junk mail to burn :)


Lisa Best said...

Can I just forward on my junk mail (ie. Bills :/) for next years festivities? :)

Sounds like a lot of fun! How dare you talk about hotdogs & Marshmallows when I am 2 hours in to a diet! :)

Love ya!

p.s. Thanks for the support on my blog...We shall see how it turns out:)

Lucashell said...

How Fun... I love summer this post gets me so excited for BBQs!

jessica said...

this is way too cool! i want to have a redneck summer party! that would be SO FUN!

thanks also for the sweet, encouraging comment on my blog. i appreciate it so much! you always say the nicest things...thank you!!!