Tuesday, May 12, 2009

(not in the mood to think of a clever title)

well happy tuesday to the 4 people who read my blog :) just kiddin. my allergies are making my head want to explode and the sound of the keys is only making it worse... but i really wanted to post some pics of our fun weekend. on saturday c. & i joined my family to support my older sister GRAND SLAM BRAKEFAST (aka deni) and her team the bomber babes in their bout against the sisters of no mercy.
i had never been to a derby girl event and didnt really know what to expect, but it seriously turned out to be very fun!! if you are ever lookin for something to do on a saturday night- check em out. by the end we were all in to it!! cheering and screaming. it was pretty awesome.the sister of no mercy having a little prayer before the game- this cardinal was pulling the alter boy around on a leash & drinking a beer- it was pretty hilarious i am not going to lie- the bomber babes defense line- ok i dont know what the technical term for it, but these are the girls that bring the pain. action shots...ha ha ok photography is not my strongest talent please forgive me :)nicks (deni's husband) family was very supportive and came to cheer her on!
me and my sissy- i was trying to be strong like her- i was not successful...she brought the pain! i was very proud of her.

after the adventure that was the roller derby- c. & i went to a mustache party-and because i was lacking in the facial hair department we went to walmart (yes walmart- i am not ashamed:) and got some felt and double stick tape- and TA DA we have mustaches-the party was a going away party for a really good friend of c.- paul ryan - these two were practically born into the same diaper-their dads were really good friends and played in bands together.

and i'm spent.

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The Hansen's said...

Good times! I really need to come and catch one of her matches (is that what we call them). It would be a blast. And you are totally rockin' the mustache, so hot! Hope you get feelin' better soon.