Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summer nights

as i get older i have learned to really appreciate my weekends- and i do my very best to fill them full of good people and good times- last week mady & marshall invited us up to her sister annies house to bbq and have a camp fire. we had such a great time- it was a fun kick off to summer!ruby decided to help annie with the yard work and pull this big stick off the tree for her:) thanks rubyi love c.above:madison & me

below: madison and marshall - marshall cooked all the 'bobs' and did such a good job-that was some good grubbin!

last weekend we went bowling. i dont know if i have ever mentioned this, but c. can be very competitive and can be a bit of a sore loser- it is a very very VERY rare occasion that i beat him at his own games- but this weekend the stars aligned and it happened

i beat c. bowling!!

i am a very poor winner and enjoy basking in my glorious victory with a series of jumping up and down pointing, and sticking my tongue out at the person i have just defeated....i know i know i am a poor sport....i am alright with that.
c. was not very happy at all-but he took it like a champ and like any good boyfriend he was happy that my bowling skills are improving.

it was a very intense game for marshall and mady- they were neck'n'neck the whole time- it came down to marshalls last shot-he had to pick up the strike to secure his victory....and he missed....Madison gets the Win!

Girls Rule!! Boys Drool!

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Lisa Best said...

Ha ha! "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" I love you :)

Congrats! The last time I went bowling I bowled a 38 :( You can imagine my shame!

I haven't seen Marshall for a long time. Him and your friend Madison are dating?

Glad you had a nice weekend! I was antsy for you to post!