Friday, May 15, 2009

a bit bummed

once upon a time when i was a much younger girl, i would travel around with a wonderful group of kids and we would sing and dance and i would have solos that i would sing at the top of my lungs! that is were i was happy. on the stage sharing my talent with the world.
then something changed i dont know if it is because i have older and a little bit more afraid to fail or maybe because i have not been on the stage for so long i must have forgotten how.
apparently- over ten years ago i promised my little bro that if when he went on a mission i would sing at his fair well- and he has NEVER forgotten this promise. in august my little scottie will be leaving....and intend to make good on that promise.
i have been taking voice lessons every week for a few months now trying to get back to the caliber that i once was- and decided to participate in the recital this weekend- i have not been so nervous about anything in a long time-but i was very excited....
i think mother nature has different plans for me.....
i am soooooo bloody sick it is ridiculous! i have a nice allergy-cold combination going on.
i have taken every antihistamine, decongestant, nasal rinse, juice, cough syrup, tea,mucinex, EVERYTHING that i can possibly get my hands on to try to feel better for saturday. i can not even practice my song because of this stupid cough!
so if you have any suggestions as to how i can be at a 100% before tomorrow i am begging for any help i can get.


Spencer and Stephanie Randle said...

My thought would be to sleep all day today. Sleep makes everything better especially illness. I hate being sick. I hope you feel better by tomorrow that is such a bummer.

On a different note...I am so excited that you will sing in church I can't wait to hear you!

Lucashell said...

Wow I am amazed - I also had no idea you sing... I still have so much to learn about you. That is so cool though. I hope you will feel better!

Lisa Best said...

You have beautiful voice, that I remember!

How did it go? Did you get your voice back in time for Saturday?